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17.1 (Fall, 1988)


  • Germán Orduna. “El Libro de Buen Amor y el libro del Arcipreste”, 1-7.
  • Yakov Malkiel. “The Discovery of Lexical Channels of Transmission: From Latin to Romance, with Special Consideration of Old Spanish”, 8-13.
  • María Eugenia Lacarra. “Notes on Feminist Analysis of Medieval Spanish Literature and History”, 14-22.
  • Teresa Catarella. “A New Branch of the Hispanic romancero”, 23-31.
  • María Rosa Menocal. “Bottom of the Ninth: Bases Loaded”, 32-40.
  • Paula Kelley Rodgers. “José Pellicer and the Confusion over the Authorship of the Cuatro Crónicas”, 41-51.
  • María Morrás. “¿Zéjeles o formas zejelescas? Observaciones para el estudio de un problema de historia literaria”, 52-75.
  • J. M. Zemke. “A Neglected Fragment of Shem Tov’s Proverbios morales”, 76-89.
  • Harold G. Jones “Book Review Bibliography ) 1987”, 94-101.
  • Cristina González. “Bibliografía de la Gran Conquista de Ultramar”, 102-08.
  • Dennis, P. Seniff. “Antonio García Solalinde (1892-1937): A Commemorative Bibliography”, 109-15.


  • Amadís de Gaula. Introducción y versión de Ángel Rosenblat. Adiciones a la Introducción de Á. Rosenblat por Alicia Redondo Goicoechea. “Odres Nuevos”. Madrid: Castalia, 1987. Reviewed by James. F. Burke. 90.
  • Israel J. Katz and John E. Keller, eds. Studies on the ‘Cantigas de Santa Maria’: Art, Music and Poetry. Proceedings of the International Symposium on the ‘Cantigas de Santa Maria’ of Alfonso X, el Sabio (1221-1284) in Commemoration of its 700th Anniversary Year ) 1981 (New York, November 19-21). Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1987. Reviewed by Stephen Parkinson. 91-93.

Conference reports

  • First International Colloquium on the kharjas. Exeter, England. January 6-9, 1988. Abstracts, Report. (L.P. Harvey) 116-28.
  • Modern Language Association Convention 1988. New Orleans, LA. December, 1988. Abstracts. (Samuel G. Armistead, et al.) 129-48.
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