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17.2 (Spring, 1989)


  • Philip O. Gericke. “Mena’s Laberinto de Fortuna: Apocalypse Now?” 1-17.
  • James T. Monroe. “Maimonides on the Mozarabic Lyric (A Note on the Muwassaha)”, 18-32.
  • Donald McGrady . “More on the Image of the ‘Rose Among Thorns’ in Medieval Spanish Literature”, 33-37.
  • Samuel G. Armistead. “Mjs moros mortaricaca: Arabic Phrases in the Poema de Alfonso XI (Strophe 1709b-d)”, 38-43.
  • David Hook. “‘Merjelina’ (Libro de Buen Amor, 211c)”, 44-47.
  • Carlos Sainz de la Maza. “San Andrés, El Obispo y la diablesa”, 48-52.
  • Henk de Vries. “Respuesta a Orduna (“El Libro de Buen Amor y el libro del Arcipreste”, 17.1 (1988): 1-7)”, 53-54.
  • George D. Greenia. “The Libro de Alexandre and the Computerized Editing of Texts”, 55-67.
  • Spurgeon Baldwin. “Personalia”, 90-91.


  • David J. Viera. Medieval Catalan Literature: Prose and Drama. Boston: Twayne, 1988. Reviewed by R. Archer. 68-69.
  • Felipe Díaz Jimeno. Hado y fortuna en la España del siglo XVI. Madrid: Fundación universitaria española, 1987. Reviewed by Harriet Goldberg. 70-73.

Conference reports

  • Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland 1988. Westfield College, London. n.d. [1988] Abstracts, Report. 74-81.
  • Kalamazoo: 1989 International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo, MI. May 4-7, 1989. Titles. 82-87
  • Beast Fable Society of America, First International Congress. Agadir, Morocco. August 2-9, 1988. Report, Titles. (Margaret Parker) 89.
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