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20.1 (Fall, 1991)


  • Louise Vasvari. “The Battle of Flesh and Lent in the ‘Libro del Arçipreste’: Gastro-genital rites of reversal”, 1-15.
  • María Cristina Azuela. “La Razón de amor a la luz de la presencia musulmana en España”, 16-31.
  • Catherine Soriano and Alberto Miranda. “Nueva descripción del Manuscrito 77 (Miseria de omne) de la Biblioteca Menéndez Pelayo de Santander”, 31-39.
  • Roberto González-Casanovas. “Rhetorical Strategies in the Corbacho, Part III: From Scholastic Logic to Homiletic Example”, 40-59.
  • Samuel G. Armistead. “Un nuevo romancerillo serfardí”, 60-71.
  • Judith Seeger. “Can a Traditional Ballad be Myth? An Exploration of Heroism in Count Claros”, 72-77.
  • Noel Fallows. “Alfonso de Cartagena: An Annotated Bibliography”, 78-93.
  • Judith R. Cohen. “Comments on the Tinnell Review of Recordings of Sephardic music by the group ‘Voice of the Turtle’ (La Corónica 19-2, Spring, 1991”, 103.


  • Alberto Barugel. The Sacrifice of Isaac in Spanish and Sephardic Balladry. New York: Peter Lang, 1990. Reviewed by Louise Mirrer. 94-97.
  • Petrarch’s Triumphs. Allegory and Spectacle. Ed. Konrad Eisenbichler y Amilcare A. Iannucci. Ottawa: Dovenhouse Editions, 1990. Reviewed by Roxana Recio. 98-103.
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