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23.2 (Spring, 1995)


  • Andrew M. Beresford, “The Disputa del cuerpo e del alma and the Visión de Filiberto: A Reappraisal of Sources”,
  • Elaine Brooks, “Memory of An Alien Voice in the Cancionero de Baena”,
  • Steven N. Dworkin, “The Genesis of Old Spanish duecho: An Unrecognized Provençalism”,
  • Enzo Franchini, “El fragmento épico de Roncesvalles: estado de la cuestión y nuevas observaciones”,
  • Harriet Goldberg, “Queen of Almost All She Surveys: The Sexual Dynamics of Female Sovereignty”,
  • José Manuel Pedrosa, “Una colección de romances rarísimos recogidos en Villasumil de Ancares (León)”,
  • Rafael Ramos, “Tirant lo Blanc, Lancelot du Lac y el Llibre de l'Ordre de Cavallería”,
  • Thomas F. Sharp, “'Rosas y claveles': una metáfora perdurable y sus antecedentes en un ciclo asturiano”,
  • Juan A. Estévez Sola, “La fecha de la Chronica Naierensis”,

Information Technology and Hispanic Studies

  • Charles B. Faulhaber, “An Update on ADMYTE for 1995”,
  • OmniPage and WordCruncher: Tools for Creating and Searching Digitalized Text Corpora”. Software reviewed by Mark Davies.
  • Spain - A Story of Nations. Software reviewed by Mark D. Johnston.
  • Grammatik for WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows, Spanish language version. Software reviewed by Daniel Eisenberg.


  • Armistead, Samuel G. and Joseph H. Silverman. Judeo-Spanish Ballads from Oral Tradition. II. Carolingian Ballads (1): Roncesvalles. Berkeley: U of California Press, 1994. Reviewed by Manuel da Costa Fontes.
  • Hook, David. The Earliest Arthurian Names in Spain and Portugal. St. Albans, UK: David Hook, 1991.
  • Walsh, John K. Relic and Literature: Saint Toribius of Astorga and his arca sancta. Eds. Alan Deyermond and Billy Bussell Thompson. St. Albans, UK: David Hook, 1992. Reviewed by Connie L. Scarborough.
  • Ladero Quesada, Miguel Angel. Fiscalidad y poder real en Castilla (1252-1369). Madrid: Editorial Complutense, 1993. Reviewed by Francisco J. Hernández.
  • Llull, Ramon. Doctor Illuminatus. A Ramon Llull Reader. Ed. Anthony Bonner. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1993. Reviewed by David J. Viera.
  • O'Callaghan, Joseph F. The Learned King. The Reign of Alfonso X of Castile. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1993. Reviewed by Robert A. MacDonald.
  • Upon My Husband's Death. Widows in the Literature and History of Medieval Europe. Ed. Louise Mirrer. Ann Arbor, MI: Univ. of Michigan Press, 1992. Reviewed by Michael Harney.
  • Whinnom, Keith. Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature. Selected Essays. Eds. Alan Deyermond, W.F. Hunter, & Joseph T. Snow. Exeter: University of Exeter Press with the Journal of Hispanic Philology, 1994. Reviewed by Ivy A. Corfis.


  • Víctor Infantes, “Ha muerto María Brey Mariño”,
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