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26.2 (Spring, 1998)

From the Editor, 1-2

Critical Cluster: Galician-Portuguese Lyric

  • Janice Wright, Guest Editor, “Galician-Portuguese Lyric: New Critical Approaches”, 5-8.
  • Josiah Blackmore, “Locating the Obscene: Approaching a Poetic Canon”, 9-16.
  • Charles E.Brewer, “The Cantigas d'amigo of Matin Codax in the Context of Medieval Secular Latin Song”, 17-28.
  • Denise K.Filios, “Jokes on soldadeiras in the Cantigas de Escarnio e de Mal Dizer”, 29-39.
  • Benjamin Liu, “Risabelha: A Poetics of Laughter?”, 41-48.
  • William D.Paden, “Contrafacture between Occitan and Galician-Portuguese”, 49-63.
  • Roy Rosenstein, “The Voiced and the Voiceless in the Cancioneros: The Homosexual, the Jew, and the Muslim as Exclusus Amator”, 65-75.
  • Janice Wright, “The Enemy Within: a Galician-Portuguese Dawn Song”, 77-90.
  • Reference Bibliography, 91-129.

Critical Cluster: Manuscript Culture in Medieval Spain

  • H.Salvador Martínez, Guest Editor, “Manuscript Culture in Medieval Spain: Research Trends.A Symposium”, 133-34.
  • Anthony J.Cárdenas, “Ethical Editing at the End of the Millennium, or >How One Should [Edit] with a View to Greater Happiness in This World and the Next=, Dagenais xvii., 135-42
  • Ivy A. Corfis, “Glossing Celestina”, 143-60.
  • Nancy J. Dyer, “Gender and Manuscript Culture in Alfonsine Historiography”, 161-71.
  • H.Salvador Martínez, “From Script to Print: Beyond Textual Criticism in Medieval Spanish Manuscript Culture”, 173-88.
  • Works Cited in Cluster, 189-94.


  • Robert Folger, “Memoria en Siervo libre de amor: el papel de la psicología medieval en la ficción sentimental”, 197-210.
  • Emily Francomano, “Saber bien e mal: The Fall and the Fruits of Reading the Libro de buen amor”, 211-26.
  • John Gornall, “How Reliable is a razo?: Attribution and Genre in Baena 40/556 and 557”, 227-41.
  • Brian Imhoff, “The Chronolgy of Old Spanish -ie Imperfect”, 243-55.


  • John Dagenais, “A Reader’s Response”, 258-69.


  • Del Valle, José.El trueque s/x en español antiguo.Aproximaciones teóricas. Reviewed by Steven N. Dworkin, 271-74.
  • García, Dulce M.Espada, escudo y espejo: El lenguaje como tema en las novelas de Diego de San Pedro. Reviewed by Theresa Ann Sears, 275-76.
  • José Guadalajara Medina.Las profecías del Anticristo en la Edad Media. Reviewed by Regula Rohland de Langbehn, 277-80.
  • The Miracles of Saint James.Translations from the ALiber Sancti Jacobi. Reviewed by Jane E.Connolly, 281-82.
  • Palabra e imagen en la edad media.Actas de las IV Jornadas Medievales. Reviewed by Richard P.Kinkade, 283-85.
  • Rodríguez Velasco, Jesús D. El debate sobre la caballería en el siglo XV.Reviewed by Michael Harney, 286-87.
  • La traducción en España ss. XIV-XVI. Reviewed by Ignacio Navarrete, 288-90.

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