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39.2 (Spring, 2011)

From the Editor, 1


  • Pablo Ancos, “Mahoma, ¿‘Vn profeta muy honrrado’ o un ‘traedor prouado’? (Libro de Alexandre, v. 2510d)”, 5
  • Heather Bamford, “Fragment as Phenomenon and Philological Subject: Two Cases of Chivalric Binding Fragments”, 29
  • J. Antonio Cid, “Caza y castigo de don Jorge frente a Lanzarote y el ciervo de pie blanco: El ‘fragmentismo’ y los ‘romances-cuento’, 61
  • Rip Cohen, “The Poetics of Peace: Erotic Reconciliation in the Cantigas d’amigo”, 95
  • Vicente Lledó-Guillem, “Bernat Desclot’s Response to Bernat d’Auriac’s sirventés: The Battle of Castellammare and the Rise of Catalan as a Royal Language”, 145
  • Wendell P. Smith, “From Round Table to Revolt: Amadís de Gaula and the comuneros”, 163
  • Alan Deyermond †, “Romances”, 191


  • Elinson, Alexander E. Looking Back at al-Andalus: The Poetics of Loss and Nostalgia in Medieval Arabic and Hebrew Literature. Reviewed by Michelle Hamilton, 205
  • The Song of the Cid: A Dual-Language Edition with Parallel Text. Trans. Burton Raffel. Intro. and notes María Rosa Menocal. Reviewed by Gregory B. Kaplan, 208
  • Ross, Jill. Figuring the Feminine: The Rhetoric of Female Embodiment in Medieval Hispanic Literature. Reviewed by Núria Silleras-Fernández, 212
  • Serrano Coll, Marta. Jaime I el Conquistador: Imágenes medievales de un reinado. Reviewed by Alexander Ibarz , 215
  • Grieve, Patricia E. The Eve of Spain: Myths of Origins in the History of Christian, Muslim and Jewish Conflict. Reviewed by Jonathan Burgoyne, 220
  • Francomano, Emily C. Wisdom and Her Lovers in Medieval and Early Modern Hispanic Literature. Reviewed by Yonsoo Kim, 224
  • Cantar de Mio Cid. Ed. Juan Carlos Bayo e Ian Michael. Reviewed by Gregory B. Kaplan, 228
  • Folger, Robert. Escape from the Prison of Love: Caloric Identities and Writing Subjects in Fifteenth-Century Spain. Reviewed by Ana Montero, 231
  • Pedro de Padilla. Thesoro de Varias Poesías. Pról. de Aurelio Valladares. Ed. de José J. Labrador Herraiz y Ralph A. DiFranco. Reviewed by Manuel Moreno García del Pulgar, 235
  • Kaplan, Gregory. El culto a San Millán en Valderredible Cantabria: Las Iglesias rupestres y la formación del Camino de Santiago. Reviewed by Mary Baldridge, 247
  • Ashley, Kathleen, and Marilyn Deegan. Being a Pilgrim: Art and Ritual on the Medieval Routes to Santiago. Reviewed by George Greenia, 250

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