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41.1 (Fall, 2012)

From the Editor, 1


  • Ryan Szpiech, “The Virtues of Exile: An Appreciation of María Rosa Menocal, 1953–2012”, 5-23

Critical Cluster: Religion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain

  • Cynthia Robinson, “Religion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain: An Introduction”, 27-33
  • Jessica A. Boon, “The Glory of the Virgin: The Mariology of the Incarnation in Two Early Modern Castilian Mystical Sermons”, 35-60
  • María M. Carrión, “Primero Huerto: Iconography, Anamorphism, and the Idea of the Garden in Sixteenth-Century Spanish Mysticism”, 61-92
  • Taryn E. L. Chubb, “De vita spirituali: San Vicente Ferrer, Cardinal Cisneros, and Fifteenth-Century Devotional Practices in Castilla”, 93-108
  • Mercedes García-Arenal and Felipe Pereda, “A propósito de los alumbrados: Confesionalidad y disidencia religiosa en el mundo ibérico”, 109-148
  • Gregory S. Hutcheson, “Islamic Traces in the Cancionero de Baena”, 149-180
  • Ángela Muñoz Fernández , “Amonestando, alumbrando y enseñando: Catolicidad e imaginarios del Purgatorio en la Castilla bajomedieval”, 181-206
  • David Nirenberg, “Discourses of Judaizing and Judaism in Medieval Spain”, 207-233
  • Stefania Pastore, “False Trials and Jews with Old-Fashioned Names: Converso Memory in Toledo”, 235-262
  • Cynthia Robinson, “Talking Religion, Comparatively Speaking: Throwing Some Light on The Multi-Confessional Landscape of Late Medieval Iberia”, 263-297
  • Ronald E. Surtz , “Gender and Prophecy in Late Medieval Valencia”, 299-315
  • Ryan Szpiech , “Preaching Paul to the Moriscos: The Confusión o confutación de la secta mahomética y del Alcorán (1515) of ‘Juan Andrés’”, 317-343

International Book Award, 345-346

Past Editors of La corónica, 347

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