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5.1 (Fall, 1976)


  • Samuel G. Armistead and Joseph H. Silverman. “La colección Nahón de romances judeo-españoles de Tánger”, 7-16.
  • Dorothy Clotelle Clarke. “The Cid and His Daughters”, 16-21.
  • John Lihani. “Hispanic Materials in Czechoslovak Libraries”, 21-26.
  • Judith H. Mauleón. “Recent Work in the Romancero nuevo: Editions and Studies Since 1950”, 26-30.
  • John K. Walsh. “The Missing Segment in Berceo’s Vida de Santa Oria”, 30-34.
  • Samuel G. Armistead. “The Catalog of the Menéndez Pidal Collection of Judeo-Spanish Romances”, 35-36.
  • Robert Greenough Black. “A Further Note on the Private Libraries of Spain”, 36-37.
  • B. Bussell Thompson. “Libros de caballería, or -ías?” 38-39.
  • Oliver T. Myers. “[1976] Bibliography of Medieval Spanish Literature”, 50-54.
  • Harold G. Jones. “Book Review Bibliography (1975)”, 54-60.
  • Roger D. Tinnell. “An Annotated Discography of Recordings of Music from the Middle Ages in Spain [Part I]”, 61-66.


  • Modern Language Association Convention 1976. New York, NY. December, 1976. Abstracts. 3-6.
  • Ohio Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies III. Cleveland, OH. October 11, 1976. Abstracts, Report. (Douglas M. Carey) 41-44.
  • California Convocation in Romance Philology 1976. Santa Cruz, CA. October 23, 1976. Report. (Walter E. Geiger) 44-45.
  • Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Santa Fe, NM. n.d. Report. (William H. González) 46-47.
  • Law and Society in Medieval Iberia: Spanish Themes at the Fifth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law. Salamanca. September 20-25, 1976. Report. (Robert I. Burns) 47-49.
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