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5.2 (Spring, 1977)


  • Samuel G. Armistead. “Two Further Citations of the Libro de buen amor in Lope García de Salazar’s Bienandanzas e fortunas”, 75-77.
  • Helen Boreland. “Ambiguity ) and Troubadour Influence? ) in a Thirteenth-Century Kharja”, 77-84.
  • James F. Burke. “Calisto’s Imagination and his Grandmother’s Ape”, 84-90.
  • Israel G. Burshatin. and B. Bussell Thompson. “Poema de mio Cid, line 508: The Cid as a Rebellious Vassal?” 90-92.
  • Alan Deyermond. “The Lost Literature of Medieval Spain: Excerpts from a Tentative Catalogue”, 93-100.
  • John K. Walsh. “Epic Flaw and Final Combat in the Poema de mio Cid”, 100-09.
  • Samuel G. Armistead and Joseph H. Silverman. “Another Ballad Publication of Yacob Abraham Yoná”, 110-12.
  • Salvatore Calomino and Sconza-Carpenter, M. Jean. “Early Spanish Manuscripts in American University Libraries [Houghton Library at Harvard; Bancroft Library at Berkeley]”, 112-16.
  • Daniel Eisenberg. “More on ‘libros de caballería’ and ‘libros de caballerías’”, 116-18.
  • Dana A. Nelson. “Editing the Libro de Alixandre”, 119-20.
  • Oliver T. Myers. “[1976] MLA Bibliography (Medieval Spanish Literature), 1976. Part II”, 133-37.
  • Harold G. Jones. “Book Review Bibliography (1976)”, 138-43.
  • Roger D. Tinnell. “An Annotated Discography of Recordings of Music from the Middle Ages in Spain: Part II”, 143-50.
  • Steven D. Kirby. “Personalia”, 153-56.

Conference reports

  • Medieval Mediterranean Spain: Context and Contribution at the Tenth International Congress on the Realms of Aragon. Zaragoza. September 20-25, 1976. Report, Retrospective. (Robert I. Burns) 121-25.
  • South Atlantic Modern Language Association 1976. Atlanta, GA. November 4-6, 1976. Report. (Roger D. Tinnell) 125.
  • Historia de Andalucía, Primer Congreso. Córboda, Málaga, Granada. December 14-17, 1976. Report. (Richard Hitchcock) 126-27.
  • International Courtly Literature Society 1977, Second Triennial Congress. Athens, GA. March 31-April 2, 1977. Report. (Joseph T. Snow) 128-29.
  • Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland 1977. Bristol. March 28-31, 1977. (Eric W. Naylor) 129-32.
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