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6.1 (Fall, 1977)


  • Colin Smith. “Further French Analogues and Sources for the Poema de mio Cid”, 14-21.
  • Roger M. Walker. “The Infantes de Carrión and the Final Duels in the Poema de mio Cid”, 22-25.
  • R. Brian Tate and collaborators. “Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations on Themes of Medieval Peninsular Literature”, 26-37.
  • Steven D. Kirby. “Concordances to Old Spanish Texts: Present Status and Proposed Future Guidelines”, 38-40.
  • Harold G. Jones. “Early Spanish Manuscripts in Public Libraries [Ticknor in Boston; Parma, Italy; BNM]”, 41-45.
  • Roger D. Tinnell. “An Annotated Discography of Recordings of Las Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X, el Sabio”, 46-48.
  • Harold G. Jones. “Texts: Debate entre el vino y la cerveza”, 49-53.
  • Oliver T. Myers. “[1977] Bibliography of Medieval Spanish Literature”, 59-60.
  • Steven D. Kirby. “Personalia”, 61-64.


  • A. Blecua. La poesía del siglo XV. Literatura española en imágenes, vol. 7. Madrid: Editorial La Muralla, 1975. Reviewed by Roger D. Tinnell. 40-41.

Conference reports

  • Modern Language Association Convention 1977. Chicago, IL. December, 1977. Abstracts. 3-11.
  • South Central Modern Language Association 1977. Hot Springs, AK. October 27-29, 1977. Abstracts. 12.
  • South Atlantic Modern Language Association 1977. Washington, D.C. Fall, 1977. Abstracts. 13.
  • Medieval Academy of America 1977. Toronto. May 11-14, 1977. Report. (Robert I. Burns, Jill R. Webster) 54-55.
  • British Historians of Medieval Spain 1977. Edinburgh. September 23-24, 1977. Report. (R. Brian Tate) 55.
  • Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas 1977: Sexto Congreso. Toronto. August 22-26, 1977. Report, Titles. (Harold G. Jones) 55-58.
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