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7.1 (Fall, 1978)


  • Kenneth Adams. “Pensar de: Another Old French Influence on the Poema de mio Cid and Other Mediaeval Spanish Poems”, 8-12.
  • Marina Scordilis Brownlee. “Towards a Reappraisal of the Historia troyana polimétrica”, 13-17.
  • Dorothy Clotelle Clark. “Libro de buen amor: Line 1034e, Syn, and Speech Mimicry”, 17-20.
  • Nancy F. Marino. “The Cancionero de Pero Guillén de Segovia and MS. 617 of the Royal Palace Library”, 20-23.
  • Mary-Anne Vetterling. “Juan Ruiz’s Version of Alexander the Great”, 23-28.
  • Reinaldo Ayerbe-Chaux. “El uso de “exempla” en la Estoria de España de Alfonso X”, 28-33.
  • T. A. Perry. “The Present State of Shem Tov Studies”, 34-38.
  • Rina Benmayor. “New Directions in the Study of Oral Literature”, 39-42.
  • James R. Chatham and Carmen C. McClendon. “Dissertations in Medieval Hispanic Languages and Literatures Accepted in the United States and Canada, 1967-76. Part II, L-Z”, 43-50.
  • Catherine Swietlicki. “A Short-title Index to Medieval Manuscripts in B. J. Gallardo’s Ensayo de una biblioteca de libros raros y curiosos”, 51-55.
  • Robert G. Black. “Early Spanish Manuscripts in the Chicago Area”, 55-56.
  • James R. Chatham. “The Alfonsine Prose Theophilus Legend ) A Reading Text”, 57-59.
  • Harold G. Jones. “The Castilian Verse Epitaph of Ruy García, A.D. 1297”, 59-61.
  • Roger D. Tinnell. “Supplement to ‘An Annotated Discography of Recordings of Music from the Middle Ages in Spain: Additional Recordings of Las cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X, el Sabio and of the songs of Juan del Encina”, 62-63.
  • Roger D. Tinnell. “Seminary of Medieval Spanish Studies: Summer, 1978”, 63-65.
  • Reinaldo Ayerbe-Chaux. “Personalia”, 63-67.

Conference reports

  • Modern Language Association Convention 1978. Chicago, Illinois. December, 1978. Abstracts. 3-7.
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