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7.2 (Spring, 1979)


  • Daniel E. Gulstad. “Melibea’s Demise: The Death of Courtly Love”, 71-80.
  • Harriet Goldberg. “The Several Faces of Ugliness in Medieval Castilian Literature”, 80-92.
  • Anthony N. Zahareas. “Structure and Ideology in the Libro de buen amor”, 92-104.
  • Samuel G. Armistead and Joseph H. Silverman. “The Judeo-Spanish Romancero in Israel”, 105-06.
  • Edna Aizenberg. “‘Cuchillo muy delgado:’ Was Don Carnal a Jewish Ritual Slaughterer?” 109-11.
  • José Luis Coy. “Envió Moisés una carta a la Trinidad? (Rimado, MS. E, 866ab)”, 112-19.
  • Robert A. MacDonald. “The Editing of the Alfonsine Juridical Texts: Addendum”, 119-20.
  • Eric W. Naylor, G.B. Gybbon-Monypenny and Alan D. Deyermond. “Bibliography of the Libro de buen amor Since 1973”, 123-35.
  • Harold G. Jones. “Book Review Bibliography”, 141-44.
  • Oliver T. Myers. “[1979] Bibliography of Medieval Spanish Literature”.


  • John Esten Keller. Pious Brief Narrative in Medieval Castilian and Galician Verse (From Berceo to Alfonso X). Lexington, KY: Univ. of Kentucky Press, 1978. Reviewed by Roger D. Tinnell. 145-46.
  • Juan Ruiz, The Archpriest of Hita. The Book of True Good. Ed. Anthony N. Zahareas, trans. Saralyn R. Daly. Univ. Park: Pennsylvania State Univ. Press, 1978. Reviewed by Steven D. Kirby. 146-47.

Conference reports

  • American Historical Association 1978: Macrocommunity and Microcommunity in Medieval Catalonia. San Francisco, CA. December 28-30, 1978. Report. (Robert I. Burns) 120-22.
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