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8.1 (Fall, 1979)


  • Joseph T. Snow. “A Chapter in Alfonso X’s Personal Narrative: The Puerto de Santa María Poems in the Cantigas de Santa Maria”, 10-21.
  • Gladys M. Rivera and Roger J. Trienens. “The Cancionero de Íñigo de Mendoza: An Unknown Fifteenth-Century Edition in the Library of Congress”, 22-28.
  • David Hook. “‘Que lo coma el escuerço’ (Libro de buen amor, 1544c)”, 29-32.
  • Michael Garcia. “La carta de Moisés. [A Propósito de “¿Envió Moisés una carta a la Trinidad? (Rimado, MS. E, 866AB)” de J.L. Coy]”, 33-34.
  • Julian Weiss. “A Note on the Imagery in the Dança General de la Muerte”, 35-37.
  • Samuel G. Armistead. “Almanzor’s Lost Drum”, 38-43.
  • Patricia E. Grieve. “Shelter as an Image Pattern in the Cantar de Mio Cid”, 44-49.
  • Samuel G. Armistead. “Romancero Studies: 1977-79”, 57-66.
  • David J. Billick. “Graduate Research on Alfonso X: A Bibliography of Master’s These and Doctoral Dissertations”, 67-72.
  • Harold G. Jones. “Two Fifteenth-Century Poems”, 81-83.
  • Kathleen Kish. “The Wisconsin Seminary of Medieval Spanish Studies: An Update”, 84-87 (cf. correction in 8.2 (1980): 222).
  • Gisela Dardón Tadlock. “NEH Summer Seminar: From Epic to Ballad in the Hispanic Tradition”, 88-89.
  • Francisco Taracido and Jorge E. Taracido. “Espinas del Romancero [crucigramas]”, 90-92.
  • Russell V. Brown. “Personalia”, 93-94.


  • Francisco López Estrada. Introducción a la literatura medieval española. Madrid: Gredos, 1979. Reviewed by Alan Deyermond. 73-76.
  • Checklist of Manuscripts Microfilmed for the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library. Vol. II, Spain, Part 1. Compiled by Julian G. Plante, with a comprehensive index by Donald Yates. Collegeville, MN: Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, St. John’s University and Abbey, 1978. Reviewed by Harold G. Jones. 77-80.

Conference reports

  • Modern Language Association Convention 1979. San Francisco, CA. December, 1979. Abstracts. 3-9.
  • Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland 1979. Aberdeen. March, 1979. (Lynn Ingamells) 50-55.
  • British Historians of Medieval Spain 1979. Birmingham. September 22-23, 1979. Report. (Derek W. Lomax) 56.
  • South Atlantic Modern Language Association 1979. Atlanta, GA. Fall, 1979. Abstract. (Robert R. Stinson) 56.
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