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9.2 (Spring, 1981)


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  • Barlaam e Josefat. Edited by John E. Keller and Robert W. Linker with an introduction by Olga T. Impey and John E. Keller. Madrid: CSIC:, 1979. Reviewed by Eric W. Naylor. 180-82.

Conference reports

  • British Seminar on Judeo-Spanish Studies 1981. University of Leeds. March 15-17, 1981. Report. (Penny Newman) 145-49.
  • Louisiana 1981 Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures. (La Chispa). New Orleans, LA. February 26-28, 1981. Report, Titles. (Dennis Paul Seniff) 150-52.
  • Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland 1981. Oxford. March, 1981. Report. (Lynn Ingamells) 153-54.
  • Arts, Letters, and Ceremonial at the Court of the Spanish Hapsburgs: An International Conference of Hispanic Scholars. Duke University, NC. April, 1981. Report. (Karen Anthony) 155.
  • South Atlantic Modern Language Association 1980. Atlanta, GA. Fall, 1980. Abstract. (Marta Ana Diz) 192.
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