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Changes in Editorial Staff

The Executive Committee of the Forum LLC Medieval Iberian is pleased to announce the appointments of Michelle Hamilton and Montserrat Piera to the editorship team of La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Dr. Michelle Hamilton will assume the role of Editor-in-Chief commencing with volume 47.2 (Spring 2019). Dr. Hamilton is Director of the Center for Medieval Studies and Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where she offers courses on religious studies, Jewish studies, and Spanish literature and culture. She can be reached at hamilton@umn.edu.

Montserrat Piera will join the staff as the new Associate Editor. Dr. Piera is Associate Professor of Medieval Iberian Studies at Temple University, Philadelphia, where her research interests have focused on the literature and culture of Medieval Iberia, including Castilian and Catalan chivalric texts and Iberian devotional literature. Her contact email is mpiera01@temple.edu.

With the appointment in 2017 of Dr. David Arbesú, Associate Professor at the University of South Florida, Tampa, as Book Review Editor (at arbesu@usf.edu), the Executive Committee has completed its cycle of editorship appointments.

With these additions to the editorial team, the journal looks forward to continuing the tradition of innovative scholarly communication and publication of groundbreaking articles on Medieval Iberian Literatures, Languages and Cultures. We are sure that these colleagues will be major contributors to the success of the journal in these areas.

Lastly, on behalf of the senior editorial team and the MLA Executive Committee, please join me in expressing heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Jonathan Burgoyne whose dedicated editorship for the past six years has expanded the journal's scholarly outreach and increased its visibility within the profession. We wish Jonathan the best as he transitions from his duties at La corónica.

La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Languages, Literatures and Cultures can be read online at Project Muse, which includes 18 volumes of the most recently published journal content, including book reviews, necrologies as well some of the most important voices in Medieval Iberian studies. Information concerning article guidelines, subscription, and other contact information appears at http://www.lacoronica.org. La corónica Commons (http://lcc.ku.edu/) offers an online platform to represent and cultivate the field of Ibero-medievialism and its disciplines. These spaces seek to foster collaboration and innovative approaches to the study of the medieval literatures of Iberia.

(December, 2018)

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